Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd

20 years

Founded in 1997 by Owner Chris Hird Shield has a reputation for developing leading-edge software and specializing in the IBM i. With more than 20 years experience in the market Shield delivers products and services for the IBM i and all of its predecessors including AS/400, iSeries, Systemi and i5. Our premier software solutions designed for the High Availability and Disaster Recovery market utilize years of experience implementing HA/DR products including many of our competitors products. This encouraged us to develop and deliver our own solutions which incorporate many of the deficiencies found in other products. We also listen to our clients requests by regularly delivering new features and functionality based on their input. As a result, Shield has brought to the market a suite of products that meet the needs of the most demanding environments running on the IBM i platform. Our customers know, we put them first and will always go above and beyond our stated service levels to meet their needs.

The IBM i market place is changing and the ISV's have to change with it, at shield we have been actively involved in helping the Open Source community expand and grow. We have developed and placed a number of open source products out there for clients to use and get involved with. We have also posted about many of the internal technology trials we undertake to show just how effective the IBM i platform is in todays business environment. We believe the major attribute of the IBM i is its ability to integrate with other systems, we are continually looking at best practices and how we can utilize the strengths of each of the platforms we use to provide the best experience for the user.

Area's of competence

  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Product Development
  • Modernization and integration


Located just North of Toronto we have easy access to all major transport links including Toronto International Airport.