Data Replication for IBM i

DR4i uses the Remote journal technology to allow data and objects to be kept in synch across IBM i platforms. It provides the user with a method of replicating important data and objects between systems without the cost and complexity of a full blown High Availability solution. This allows backups and other activities to be run against the remote copy of the data without affecting the production system.



Having a full blown High Availability solution is not a necessity for every IBM i customer, but many are seeing pressure due to limited resources and time required to back-up their system. DR4i provides a solution which allows the journaled data to be replicated to a target IBM instance where it can be backed-up or used for read-only queries. This ensures the production system continues to run and backups can be taken at any time of the day without interruption while protecting your investment. All of this without the cost and complexity of a High Availability solution.


Data Protection

Taking back-ups can be time consuming even with the newer back-up technology provided with todays IBM i systems. This can cause system availability issues where the time taken to take the back-up impacts the users access to the system and its resources. DR4i uses the same journal apply technology used in our HA4i product without the object replication technology. This allows the cost to be reduced plus it is only required to run on one system so only needs a single license. All of this plus its design simplicity makes it an affordable stepping stone for those that need data availability without complexity.

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