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With an ever changing world and the growth of attacks on the IT infrastructure it is important that you secure your data effectively. The initial install of both the FTP Server and FTP Client have no inbuilt security or logging as this is left up to the normal OS level security. FT4i allows you to restrict access to both the FTP Server (incoming connections) and any request made using the FTP Client (command line outbound connections) to and from the IBM i, plus log any activity.
The interfaces provided by FT4i allow simple yet effective control over users who are using your FTP services helping to secure your data and objects. The logging of all activity provides an audit trail which can be used to verify user activity and provide an audits for your admins.

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The environment we work in today requires that your users have access to data and objects to carry out their duties. Restricting that access can be more harmful, and cause a lot of overhead when trying to manage that access through the normal OS level security. The OS does not secure the FTP Services specifically, but relies on building Exit Point programs to filter and manage access. FT4i provides the Exit Point programs and a lot more allowing you to manage your FTP services effectively using a GUI based interface (5250 interface also provided) that can be run on any HTTP server.

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FT4i installs as an IBM LPP, making installation a cinch. However, if you need assistance we provide highly trained consultants who will be able to install and configure FT4i to ensure the best possible solution for you.

Any customer with a current maintenance contract in place can use the support portal to raise tickets for issues and questions they have about the products. The support portal also lists a number of FAQs that can help with product set up and configuration. Any tickets raised via the portal are immediately flagged to the support team to ensure a rapid response to your question(s). Access to the support portal is available Here If you are requested to start a remote desktop session (teamviewer) use the following link to install the correct version of teamviewer from our site Teamviewer Version 8

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