Job Tracking for IBM i

JT4i provides the Job tracking element of a High Availability solution. It tracks all jobs as they flow through the job queue capturing the information required to allow the jobs to be re-submitted. This feature is missing from most High Availability solutions yet one which is key for a sucessful recovery in the event of a system loss.



Batch jobs are a major element of applications which run on the IBM i, this means when a system failure occurs the jobs which are either running or are still sitting on the Job Queue need to be re-submitted on the recovery system. This is a function not provided by the High Availability solution as the replication of the Job Queue content is not possible, but with JT4i the content is captured into database files which can be replicated via the journal replication process.


Job Recovery

When a system fails the ability to review the job queue content is not possible, so any jobs which were running or not run are unknown. This can lead to data being applied to the application database via the High Availability solution which may need to be removed or jobs which still need to be run being missed by the application environment. With JT4i you can review the see exactly what jobs were running, finished or sitting on the Job Queue and allow you to make decisions on what needs to be done before the application is started and users allowed access.

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