High Availability for IBM i

HA4i is a premier High Availability solution for the IBM i and its predecessors (AS/400, iSeries, i5 etc) using the latest technology to provide a high performance replication environment. It allows simple, fast and effective role-swaps between instances with the minimum of disruption.


The perception in the market is High Availability is an expensive and complex solution to implement. In the past this might have been true, however many things have changed recently such as reduction in hardware and software licensing to a level where it is now more affordable. Add to this our intuitive approach to managing and configuring the solution and you will find significant reductions in the total cost of ownership over other products in the market.

24/7 Protection

Every business environment is changing and so are the demands for continuous availability, the tolerance level for system downtime or data loss is reducing as market pressure puts more demands on your systems and infrastructure. New regulatory requirements are forcing businesses to review their system availability performance to ensure they are compliant with service agreements and avoid any penalties. Your business needs protection and it needs it now! HA4i is designed to meet all of your requirements and do it in a cost-effective way.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install and manage
  • Uses Remote Journal technology
  • Fully automated replication processes
  • Complete auditing functionality
  • Fully automated role-swap
  • Optional PHP interface for monitoring
More Information

What's new!

  • The latest release of HA4i brings the ability to replication between multiple nodes (HA4i Multi-Node) providing the option of keeping multiple copies of the data and objects in synch. This allows the product to provide a High Availability instance for fast switching plus a Disaster Recovery instance for infrastructure failure protection. The ability to replicate at the environment (application level) allows both systems to participate in a production environment providing a better utilization of your IBM i resources.
  • New sensing technology provides a continuous monitor for problems which require attention, any issues are fixed where appropriate and notifications sent by the built-in email capabilities.
  • New audit capabilites provide a cleaner and simpler way to continuously audit the replication processes with fewer commands.
  • Improved program packaging and code paths have provided significant performance improvements plus reduced the overall foot print for the product install.


Any customer with a current maintenance contract in place can use the support portal to raise tickets for issues and questions they have about the products. The support portal also lists a number of FAQs that can help with product set up and configuration. Any tickets raised via the portal are immediately flagged to the support team to ensure a rapid response to your question(s). Access to the support portal is available Here If you are requested to start a remote desktop session (teamviewer) use the following link to install the correct version of teamviewer from our site Teamviewer Version 8