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Known for a high level of customer service ourselves, Shield partners with industry-leading solutions that complement our technical expertise and benefit client environments.

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Remain Software

Change management is a good fit for many Shield customers. Remain Software is well known for their reliable solutions for workflow and change management. TD/OMS and Gravity, Remain's flagship products are completely in-house developed with an open-architecture design providing flexibility to integrate easily with many third-party applications.

Since 1992 Remain Software, based in The Netherlands and US, has been committed to innovation, while providing excellent customer service. Their moto…. Embrace Change. Remain in Control.

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TD/OMS is a robust Application Life Cycle Management solution that supports IBM i (Power) Windows and Unix/Linux. It incorporates fundamental business process support to manage software changes, software development, deployment and modernization projects. TD/OMS enables development teams to collaborate, share information throughout development stages in any environment (Development, Test, Acceptance, and Deployment). TD/OMS is a powerful software solution that incorporates all the functionalities to support modern software development requirements resulting in total control over software changes. Benefits include employee transparency, scalability, third-party solution integration and control of software distribution to multi-platform environments.

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Most development teams will reap benefits with Gravity - a multi-platform (IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux) Project and Workflow Management solution. Gravity offers an easy, fast and visible management ability for development projects. It supports process automation and assists with streamlining all changes taking place within your organization – regardless of the methodology or terminology. In addition to software developers, IT executives and business analysts can benefit from Gravity. Simple-to-use, Gravity enables users to manage all activities with one solution.

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OpenAPI Studio

The Open API, OAS3, enables you to define REST interfaces for your data and services that can be consumed on a global scale. Running with HTTP protocol, these services are mostly written in languages like Java and Python. You could write your OAS3 specification and run the service in native ILE. Advantages include bypassing middleware and advancing internal skill sets to deliver data and services. The benefits of working with OAS3 include utilizing world-wide standards, select for many standard services to focus on our core business needs. REST API benefits include mobile strategy, global access leading to a strategy for the future.

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Cloud Walkers

Cloud Walkers

The Shield team was impressed with the innovative capabilities of Cloud Walkers' LPARKit. Cloud Walkers’ mission is to help organizations manage their enterprise IT environment. This Czechoslovakia-based company lead by Bartlomiej Grabowski provides products to help automate and simplify daily tasks to improve workplace efficiency. Cloud Walkers’ certified team is proficient in IBM i, PowerHA, PowerVM, Virtual I/O Server.

Cloud Walkers


This automated tool, is like no other. Simplify creation and management of logical particiants, Clone IBM I Operating system using TCP/IP, offers a quick and easy 5250 interface that uses REST API, plus IBM i cloning is possible with internal storage. All without the need of FlashCopy/Snapshot licenses or OpenStack drivers.

Shield customers working with LPARs will find the LPARKit a must-have addition to their toolbox.

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AURA Equipments

The Gui interface for Shield products for many years has been provided by France-based Aura Equipemments - Easycom PHP solution for IBM i.


EASYCOM is the middleware which provides native access to IBM i data and programs. With its excellent performance and strict compliance with IBM i security regulations, this technology facilitates development of Internet, mobile and client/server applications in Windows, Linux, and IBM i.
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