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Shield provides premier High Availability and Disaster Recovery products for the IBM i. We believe the products that we develop provide significant return on investment for our customers and we take many of the requests and comments made by customers to develop new enhancements and features.


We have been developing products for IBM i for many years which are based on our experiences gained while implementing High Availability solutions around the world. JQG4i in particular was developed because we saw the gap left by other High Availability Solutions which provided no ability to replicate Job Queue content between the production and backup system. Even IBM's replication tools do not provide cover for these objects which are critical for system recovery. HA4i and DR4i came from seeing the need for cost effective Disaster Recovery and High Availability on the IBM i that were also easy to implement and manage.


Replication Capabilities


*IBM Uses the APYJRNCHG process for applying journal entries.
*SAS Uses Shield's internal apply process for applying journal entries.
*MAP uses library mapping for target redirection.
*SYS licensed at the system (IBM Tier) level.
*LPAR allows LPAR based licensing.
*CPU allows active CPU licensing.
*USE allows licensing by specific object such as Journal or library etc.
*OBJ uses the object replication process for IFS replication.
*JRN Uses the User Journals for IFS replication.
*REC Store profile changes for recovery.

We continue to develop the products based on customers feedback and changing technology provided by the IBM i platform. If you need a specific tool to meet a special need you have or would like to see an additional feature added to one of our premier products, make sure you contact us and let us know how we can help. Many of the tools we provided are free of charge and can be downloaded after signing into the site. While some these products are not covered under any maintenance agreement we do actively support and develop them.


Partner Products

Shield delivers products that meet our customers High Availability/Disaster Recovery needs but occasionally we need to find complimentary products for our clients or to delivery functionality within our own products. We endeavor to find companies that provide users with the same level of excellence that we do and have products that meet the high quality standards we have set for our own products. The following companies meet those expectations in the products they provide and Shield is happy to represent them in the North American market.


Aura Equipments of France

Known in the IBM i community for their Easycom for PHP toolkit Aura provide a technology that allows users to integrate IBM i data and objects into PHP based applications running on IBM i, Linux or Windows servers. This technology is used by Shield to deliver their own PHP based interface for their High Availability / Disaster recovery products. We provide both support and licensing for their Easycom for PHP technology and use their iAMP web server to deploy that technology on the IBM i platform.

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